There is (Still) Only One Way to Be an Author

You may have been sold a rotten idea about book writing.

Publish a book and it will propel your career or business.

The business of writing is a lucrative one in our knowledge economy. Written content is everywhere. From Facebook to LinkedIn to blogs to online magazines, everyone reads and writes text to be consumed by the masses every day. But because social media content is everywhere, it is unimportant. You cannot distinguish yourself with it.

Put simply, it’s been appropriated by businesses who tell you that you don’t need to do the work. That it’s easy. That it takes little to no time.

Even if you don’t have time, so they say.

You earn your right to promote your book after doing the hard work. You have to turn your ideas into your best possible ideas.

You have to find your own writing style and figure out how to impact your readers beyond information.

In other words, the real process is: Think, Write, Bleed.

Then publish. Then Promote. Then Profit.

Let us be real for one moment: what you have to share isn’t unique by its very nature. It is unique because of how you present it. Your metaphors, analogies, comparisons, and linguistic quirks are part of your writer’s persona.

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